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Product Details :

  • Type : Video transmission and reception
  • Application : CCTV camera Video cable
  • Product Name : CCTV Camera video balun
  • Working Voltage : 500V max
  • Impedance :connector : 75Ω
  • Material : inner conductor: copper , gold plating

Specifications Video balun  :
1. Manufacturers
2. Copper and pvc
3. Good quality
4. Reasonable price

CCTV video balun /  Video transmission and reception


1. High quality zinc alloy Male BNC, stable video signal transmitting.

2. Mini Compact design, can be installed side by side on the DVR neatly. Very easy to use.

3. High quality discharging tube, perfect transient supression protection. Of course there are cheaper products. Can work in bad weather.

4. CE certification.